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CRM For Food And Drink

The food & drink business has changed drastically in the recent years as digital has taken off.  No longer can you simply entice customers into your restaurant, sit them down and get an order quickly. You need to go a step further and really capitalise on the possibilities digital throws up.

Do you know your customers, their favourite food, their favourite drink, their favourite form of entertainment? Do you allow them to order and pay while they wait? Do you know your customers’ friends and do you offer incentives to drive their friends into your establishment?

With informa, you’ll have one integrated platform that provides the flexibility to deliver a rich, channel aware experience. You’ll be able to engage in customer conversations in an app, on email, on social, delivering engaging content at every point in a customer journey.

We are the CRM behind over 1,500 restaurants and bars, including Walkabout Bars, Chapter Hotels and Swire Hotels. We have over 18 years experience building and managing creative marketing solutions and guarantee to deliver the greatest value and most comprehensive offering on the market.

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Know Your Customers

How well do you know your customers. Our guess is you think you know them well. However, do you know what makes them tick when it comes to food and drink. Granted, people love a discount but on what?  Do you know their interests…their gender…whether they like art, cycling or gigs.

Adopt informa and progressively profile your customers, then start to mine and understand your audience. If you have a large proportion that like music, then it’s time to hire a band and invite people in.

informa will bring your strategy to life and allow you to engage in 1-2-1 conversations with your audience wherever they are and at a time that suits them.

Mobile Loyalty App

Drive Word of Mouth & Build Loyalty

Go beyond engaging personalised messaging and build upon your existing advocates by expanding your network socially – don’t simply rely on word-of-mouth.

With an informa-enabled app you’ll be able to listen to your customers then driving personalised content, in-app offers and discounts in return for recommendations. Award the best offers in-app to value your registered customers.

Then link up accounts as a social network and embark on driving further offers & discounts based on social engagement and spend with the brand, or even spend of a customers recommendations.

Once informa is in place the only challenge you then have is in how creative you can be.

publishing data
Making Sense Of Customer Data

Too much data today is simply flowing through companies  not being used. The issue is enormous across every sector. Whether its purchase behaviour, in-app engagement or simply visitor data, the challenge is real, the value is large and the potential for marketing if unlocked is enormous.

informa takes care of this for you, recycling the “digital exhaust” to inform two-way conversations with your customers. informa consolidates everything into an SCV enabling brands to generate value in real time through dynamic content and profiling across all devices and channels.

Know your customers, engage in a way that will build loyalty and advocacy, and do so with an informa solution.

FastStats – 12 Years Experience

To access your clients customer data we have several options, the most powerful being the award winning industry leader in analytics and data visualisation, FastStats by Apteco.

As a partner since 2003 we are a leading integrated reseller of FastStats and through experience across multiple sectors we’ll show you how to unlock the untapped potential of your customer data.

We offer a completely integrated solution that delivers powerful and comprehensive control of the single customer view database. Your marketing team will have the ability to control where data is collected and how it is presented and used in FastStats.

How we make it all happen -