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FastStats Cascade

FastStats Cascade is a specialist campaign management module within FastStats Discoverer designed to co-ordinate and manage multiple direct marketing promotions administered by different users.

Highly targeted segments created using FastStats Cascade can be used to plan, budget, measure and analyse your direct and digital campaigns in a seamless analysis and marketing environment. FastStats Cascade enables users to manage massive marketing campaigns containing promotions with a hierarchy of targeted cells, reconciling these multiple target groups into a single deduplicated marketing communication within volume and budgetary constraints.

  • Work collaboratively with your marketing team to organise the marketing process
  • Extract campaign budget results easily to support campaign ROI measurement
  • Multi channel/brand environments can be managed to ensure permission based business rules are adhered to
  • Promotions can be schheduled to run at a date, time and frequency allowing marketers to automate regular processes and trigger specific communications
  • Seemless bi-directional Integrated with most main stream digital platforms

Targeted groups may be identified from any of the many selection methods available within FastStats Discoverer: current or saved selections; analysis results; reference number files; exclusions; modelled scores or Venn diagram segments – the options are endless, giving the user the ability to work in a way that is most efficient for them.

Whether you are handling numerous creative pieces across highly targeted customer segments or large volume mailings to your prospect base, FastStats Cascade does a perfect job and makes even the most complex direct marketing strategies easy to implement and execute.

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