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FastStats Modelling

Understanding the characteristics of your customers and your strengths and weaknesses across market sectors is a prerequisite of any marketing activity.

The Modelling module uses market penetration, customer profiling, patented Predictive Weight of Evidence (PWE) scoring, decision trees (including CHAID) and clustering to help inform your targeting decisions.

Data modelling using FastStats is not only powerful, but fast, intuitive, simple to use and designed with the marketer in mind. Processing millions of records in just a few seconds, FastStats produces a profile report which highlights the characteristics that are statistically most prevalent within your existing customer base, allowing you to source additional records with the same characteristics for lead generation and prospecting purposes.

FastStats Modeling
  • Make informed targeting decisions based on customer profiling analysis
  • Discover the key characteristics of your customers        
  • Increase response rates by targeting more effectively
  • Predict the behaviour of prospects and customers
  • Use your customer profile to find similar prospects
  • Cross & up sell to the most responsive existing customers
  • Focus on markets and sectors with high potential
  • Detect groups of customers with similar characteristics
FastStats Modelling streamlines the process of creating and applying scoring models in order to select customers for marketing campaigns. By avoiding the need to create models using external applications and then applying the model back into the original database, the time and technical capabilities required to produce accurate and insightful models is significantly reduced.

Paul King, OgilvyOne

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