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FastStats PeopleStage

FastStats PeopleStage is an interactive multi-channel campaign management application.

It enables multiple users to implement marketing process flow diagrams that describe and automate your marketing. Using FastStats PeopleStage you are able to plan highly personalised and timely marketing communication programmes that operate automatically ensuring your customers and prospects feel understood and valued. As a person interacts by making a purchase, responding to a campaign or even lapsing, FastStats PeopleStage will automatically trigger the appropriate response and communications.

FastStats PeopleStage
  • Visualise your marketing processes by defining your marketing processes within a diagrammatic editor
  • Automate and coordinate complex customer engagement programmes
  • Personalise each message for every recipient
  • Use powerful analytics for every recipient
  • Readily identify which parts of your marketing generate lift
  • Easy to understand campaign performance reports
  • Trigger more timely, event-driven communications
  • Work collaborately as a team supporting multiple users throughout the business

The highly visual, zoom-able FastStats PeopleStage interface enables users to design multi-stage, multi-channel marketing processes to trigger more timely automated communications that take every interaction with the recipient into account. PeopleStage uses customer and prospect data together with real time responses from digital marketing channels and a wide variety of data transactions in the FastStats database to control the flow of individuals through marketing process diagrams. These marketing processes can be structured into Programmes, Areas, Campaigns and Messages each of which may be subject to constraints by budget, volume, channel and concurrency.

The FastStats PeopleStage engine operates continuously, monitoring events to move people through the stages of your marketing processes. You control the mix of messages delivered to your recipients while leaving the system to react automatically to their actions or inaction.

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