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informa CRM

informa CRM, based on SugarCRM

The power to create extraordinary relationships for business-to-business marketers.

With a rich heritage in the delivery of data driven marketing solutions, informa CRM delivers the most comprehensive and capable platform in which to manage relationships at all stages and at all levels. With sophisticated processes from lead to opportunity and ultimately to client and handling both company (account) and people (contact) details.

Benefiting from the powerful informa suite, informa CRM integrates seamlessly, enabling users to plan engaging marketing programmes, establish real-time conversations with customers and prospects, and utilise the power of informa’s modules to execute the most effective business-to-business marketing programmes.

informa crm
  • Engage your audience with real-time conversations
  • 100% compatible with SugarCRM meaning all your favourite extensions will be available
  • Transferrable skills from SugarCRM
  • Powerful customisation in the line with the capabilities of  SugarCRM
  • Totally customisable and extendable from the open source community
  • Incredibly powerful interface packed with features & wizards to streamline usability
  • Social integration with most platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

informa CRM allows your entire company to manage relationships through their whole lifecycle; from lead generation and marketing campaign all the way through to sales, account management and support. Providing common views of a contact or account with all of their related history, and contact permissions, with one place to manage everything you know about them. And with support for real world events  such as  when a contact moves from account and so becomes a new opportunity at a potentially new account.

Alchemetrics’ heritage as a multi-channel MSP is one of the strengths that really sets them apart. Combining this with their passion for delivering market leading solutions, their expertise in digital technology and their strong service ethos means we have a partner that brings immense value to our evolving business.

Zoe Eastwell, Johnston Press

In keeping with our other core products, we are committed to the Open Source implementation of this incredibly popular business-to-business CRM system. This mean that you gain full access to the vast array of extensions and modules available from the open source community, with no single vendor lock-in.

Completely customisable in the same way as SugarCRM together with our commitment to common open source technologies such as JasperReports and MariaDB, means this simply is the most powerful, B2B solution to meet all demands from your business.