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informa Dynamic Question Service

informa Dynamic Question Service integrates all of your digital properties into your Single Customer View.

Through DQS marketers have access to a single environment in which to manage how customer data is collected and used throughout the organization. As the most comprehensive data management platform available, marketers can publish surveys on microsites, manage data capture within social, web or mobile applications and manage the data model.  All of this is totally integrated with the SCV.

informa dqs
  • Connect with your consumers and start real time conversations
  • Embed your marketing database deep within your digital assets
  • Stream customer information in real time directly into a marketing database
  • Evolve the customer database with a progressive profiling strategy using DQS
  • Empower your marketing team to take control of how, where and when data is used throughout the organisation

Delivered through a comprehensive API, DQS allows organisations to turn the SCV into the marketing hub, utilising what is already known about a customer to deliver dynamic forms and content and to drive progressive profiling activity.  As a bi-directional, real-time platform, DQS engages with customers as soon as they interact with your brand, whether through triggered communications or by asking them something you don’t already know. DQS puts control with the marketer, so the right contacts can be asked the right questions, delivered the right content, in real-time.

The capabilities of informa Dynamic Question Service have by far exceeded our expectations. The cutting-edge service the company provides allows us to collect insight dynamically across a wide range of data collection points to gain a single view of each customer – the lynchpin of successful customer communications.

James Ray, Armadillo

The possibilities for the brand, for partners and even advertisers, are truly limitless.

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Dynamic Question Service

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