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Building a Single Profile of a Customer

Brands want to sell more, people accept the fact that by sharing information it allows them to deliver relevant content.

Its the adoption of a Single Customer View that brings an aggregated, consistent view of this customer information to organisation and allows this relevant, timely content to be delivered. From here, the challenge is simply speed-to-market – how responsive brands can become to changes in customer behaviour and how multi-channel they can become in connecting to the customers.

informa Single customer view

As the brain of the platform, the informa SCV is the intelligence that enables both the inbound and outbound connections to flourish. With its ability to handle data and events in real time through its hadoop-style architecture, the informa SCV consolidates data from any channel, utilising the power of its matching algorithms to ensure a single profile for each consumer record is achieved and maintained.

Known or anonymous, traditional or digital, large or small, the informa SCV will consolidate any data from any source, based on any number of key id fields (cookies, names, addresses, email, social, mobile, date-of-birth etc.) – quality of the end product is key and thats why we’ve embedded such flexibility in how it handles data.

The whole informa platform has been developed to make configuration easy and flexible, with usability targeted at marketers – not techi’s.  Whether its data being loaded into the SCV through informa’s ETL module, connecting the SCV to an organisations digital assets, analysing customer data within FastStats or simply reviewing the results of a campaign, the SCV will ensure the data is consolidated and made available in a way that meets all these demands.

The transition of almost 5 billion data records from a high complex legacy system, which included the build of a new data warehouse with a tailored front-end application, was achieved by Alchemetrics within a four month period - an absolutely amazing success by any standards!

Paul King, OgilvyOne

With an informa SCV the control is with marketing - they will have the tools and flexibility to respond in real time to changes in customer behaviour and be able to deliver rich, personalised customer engagement programmes all from within one integrated platform.

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