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Armadillo – Partner in Data Driven Marketing

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Armadillo is an independent award winning, customer relationship marketing agency who specialise in fusing data, strategy and creative to deliver ideas that inspire action for today’s brands.

As the incumbent CRM agency, Armadillo was tasked with defining McDonald’s data strategy before identifying and outsourcing the management to a team of experts in data-driven marketing solutions. McDonald’s was keen to create a marketing database that could collect large volumes of customer data to inform direct marketing initiatives.

Armadillo set about identifiying a partner for their agency to build a database for McDonald’s to handle large volumes of customer interactions. Ultimately they wanted a partner to enable them to extend their service offering across their agency clients.

The capabilities of informa DQS have by far exceeded our expectations. The cutting-edge service allows us to collect insight dynamically across a wide range of data collection points to gain a single view of each customer – the lynchpin of effective customer communications.

Not only has the product fulfilled our needs, the cultural fit we have with the team at Alchemetrics is fantastic and has greatly added to the service we are able to provided.

- James Ray, MD, Armadillo

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