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Loyalty System For China

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Award8 was an interactive marketing platform established as a coalition marketing program in mainland China and Hong Kong. Launched from Shanghai in  2011,  the program encouraged consumers to participate in competitions, surveys and prize draws in return for a multitude of brand incentives such as offers and discount coupons.

Built around a data-wall concept, the objective of the programme was to capture contact, demographic and behavioural data whenever the Chinese consumers interacted on the award8.com website.

Supported by a number of high profile Chinese brands, award8 was essentailly designed as on data collection model, on which it would eventually build the first list rental business for the the Chinese market.

Starting any business is hugely challenging, and it takes a certain type of supplier to flourish in that kind of environment. With their technology and vast experience within Direct Marketing, Alchemetrics have been exceptional and vital for the delivery of our solution. I would have no hesitation in appointing them again.

- Richard Bandell, CEO, Award8.com

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