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Our Team

A Few Words About Us

We are all about creative, effective data-driven marketing with a passion that ensures you will receive an award winning service unlike anyone else. We have the tools, the processes and experience to ensure you build really engaging conversations with your audience and develop true advocates for your brand. We are the technology partner behind the likes of Haymarket Media Group, The Restaurant Group, Unilever and William Grant & Sons. We are Alchemetrics!

If you want to partner with an award winning team who constantly make a difference with everyone and everything they touch, then you need to give us a call.

With our overriding USP being the outstanding talent available throughout the business our clients continue to value the difference we make every day. Our award winning team is full of marketing experts who have been part of the industry since the early 90’s. Our unquestionable honesty in how we service our clients, our passion for delivering the very best tools and our drive to becoming the very best partners is the reason for our enviable client longevity and why we won the award for Outstanding Marketing Services Provider.

As the first company in the UK to develop a web-based rapid counting tool – informa – our purpose has always been to breathe life into our client's data and their customer engagement strategies through the delivery of innovative data-driven solutions for marketers.

As one of the longest serving partners of Apteco, we offer the most integrated FastStats solution on the market, which combines the analytical and campaign management power of FastStats with the data management flexibility and power of informa.

We led the market in the 90's for traditional direct marketing and we now lead the market again with the most comprehensive Single Customer View marketing platform that combines the principles of offline and the benefits of online to deliver the most rounded experience for our users.

Whilst you can be sure we’ll bring a sense of fun to the party, we clearly have the experience, we have the passion and most importantly we have the vision to make this minefield of data and technology a walk in the park.

- Management Team -

Dave Gurney

Dave Gurney

managing director

I split my time between doing all the things you’d expect an MD to do, as well as getting closely involved in the solutions and relationships we create with our clients and partners. With a spot of OCD being one of my traits, I’ll always get my hands dirty (sometimes to the annoyance of the team), so don’t be surprised if I end up being involved with your account in some capacity – it’s where I get my kicks.

Outside of work my life is a little different. With two young lads, I find myself having to become Peter Pan – coming up with adventures in the woods, in the park or simply in the garden – to keep them entertained. Other than that its sport all round – taking the boys to watch or play while setting myself crazy fitness challenges.

And finally, there’s West Ham United…and that's all there is to say about that for now!

Francis Wallinger

Francis Wallinger

chairman and solutions consultant

My passion is working with clients to design the future and working with the team here to deliver it. A data scientist before the title became sexy, I am an unashamed techie at heart, which is why I started the company – to build exciting and innovative solutions for the world of marketing.

A few years ago we were in the Sunday Times fastest growing companies table and Richard Branson awarded me Motivated Entrepreneur of the Year. Getting such an accolade from the man I most admire – in terms of his immense personality as well as his obvious business brilliance – just makes me realise I have so much to do.

I love what I do outside work as well, playing with graceful sailing boats and nutter motorbikes as well as being a 4×4 Responder for charity – so don’t be surprised if its me helping you out in the snow or a muddy festival!

Emma Thwaites

Emma Thwaites

client services director

Co-ordinating the delivery of excellent services to our clients is where I get my kicks.  That could be anything from working strategically to drive out value from a relationship with us or simply ensuring the most appropriately skilled team is deployed to your account.

By working with our clients I like to identify the strategic objectives for the service and then structure the team to  implement the relevant processes to support this

Although I love being part of the team here – I do have a life outside of work. Balancing family life with my passion for music is always difficult – in the past a gig was easy to get to - but today its a little harder.  So, cheekily I try to combine my passion for music with client meetings so if anyone has any suggestions or fancies meeting up then do get in touch!


George Antoniou

co founder and non-exec

I’ve been in the UK Direct Marketing industry since starting my career at Reader’s Digest in the early 1970s, where I launched the first postcoding company in the UK (PAS Ltd).

Since then I’ve been involved in all manner of businesses and initiatives, from the delivery of software solutions and addressing products, to data targeting and analytical approaches.

Having been described in the past as the calmest man in data, I see myself as a godfather to the business. As a semi-active member of the board the value I now bring is my ability to offer support and wisdom to the team as they strive to continue to outstanding services for our clients.

In my spare time I do like to travel. So in the summer months you're likely to find me in the mediterranean, enjoying a game of bridge or practising the perfect volley on the tennis courts.

- Strategic Partners -


Apteco is a privately owned software development business specialising in marketing data analysis solutions. Originally established in 1987 as a database consultancy they soon started work on massive databases and the award winning FastStats range of data analysis products was born.

FastStats applications provide database marketing solutions for customer segmentation, data mining, predictive modelling, customer profiling and multi-channel campaign management.

As a long standing partner since 2003, we have spent over a decade supporting each other in delivering award winning solutions for clients.

According to James Alty, Apteco MD, our experience, vision and innovation has led us to become a highly experienced and integrated reseller of FastStats offering a complete solution that gives our clients comprehensive control of their customer database and how the data is presented in FastStats.

Through a partnership with Emailcenter since 2008, we have been delivering email marketing services through informa, allowing users to access the maxemail API directly from within informa.

Emailcenter is an award winning, permission based, ESP established in 2001. The Maxemail platform is recognised as one of the most user-friendly on the market and it continues to evolve and offer highly innovative features which are unique in the email marketing industry.

The product is tightly integrated into informa (and FastStats) and widely used by many of our clients, especially for integrated triggered campaign solutions, such as a response to filling in a form. Emailcenter’s delivery performance, continually above 99%, keeps them aligned with the top-tier ESP’s while providing significantly better value than the competition.