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As a restaurant business who are renowned for the personal touch we deliver within our sites it was vital that we work with partners who share the same ethos.  It was also important to all of our brands that we found a partner who could demonstrate an understanding of how data should be used in the hospitality space and had the creative flare to transfer our personal touches in venue to a personalised experienced across all of our touch points.  Never before have I worked with such experts in data who are so thorough in how they deliver their services - the people are great, the informa platform is amazing and I’m delighted to have chosen such a great team to partner with.  If anyone is looking for a partner in this space - don’t look any further!

Charlotte Solomon, Digital Group Marketing Manager, Living Ventures

Following an impressive series of meetings that convinced us to appoint Alchemetrics as our Relationship Marketing database and email campaign supplier, they have quickly established themselves as a key contributor to our business.

It is a breath of fresh air to work alongside such a passionate team who have the desire to deliver over and above our expectations time and time again. Not only are they great fun to work with, but their organisation, professionalism, communication skills, quality of delivery and processes that are applied to all aspects of the services, are second to none.

Janet Kay, Digital Services Specialist, William Grant & Sons

informa DQS was successfully implemented to a very strict deadline, enabling us to easily manage the newsletter registrations and feed valuable new data instantly into our marketing database.  Tapping into this important source of subscriber data was vital, as was being able to deliver our Festival email bulletin for the duration of the event.

As well as providing us with the tools to complete the job, the team at Alchemetrics was always on hand to address any queries we had.  However, DQS is such an easy solution to use, we found we were able to create the registration form, and amend it, without outside assistance.  It promises to be a valuable tool for our future reader / subscriber interactions.

Dianne Newman, Head of Research, Enterprise & Library Services, The Scotsman

Talking not only from a Unilever perspective but also from an Ogilvy viewpoint - your flexibility, delivery ethos and ability to produce marketing solutions is second to none within the CRM space.

Paul King, Head of Data Services, OgilvyOne